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Rakel Róbertsdóttir

Family therapy

​Clinical Hypnotherapy


​Þórdís Elva

Clinical hypnotherapy

Havening Techniques

Progress on your terms

Framvinda is Icelandic for "progress". Improving your well-being, strengthening relationships with your loved ones, working through difficult life experiences, deepening your understanding of yourself, leaving negative patterns behind or enhancing your communication skills all require progress that improves your life. 

We look forward to assisting you along the way.


Framvinda is located on the 4th floor of the Center for Quality of Life St. Jo





I have attended three sessions and they have all gone very well. Þórdís is great at what she does, approaches the work professionally, and is both sincere and lovely. I immediately felt very comfortable when I walked into her office. I feel fantastic and can see great progress. I wholeheartedly recommend Þórdís.


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