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About us

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About Rakel

Rakel Róbertsdóttir is a developmental therapist, family therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. Rakel has worked as a director in an independent residence for the mentally disabled in Hafnarfjörður since 2009. Family matters are central to that work, so Rakel decided to study family therapy and has been offering counselling for the past 3 years at her clinic at The Quality of Life Center. She has also worked for MSS in Reykjanesbær conducting interviews, as well as organising and teaching courses. Rakel's experience is quite extensive, but she always focuses first and foremost on people and their well-being and how to increase their quality of life through conversation, thereby strengthening relationships between family members. Family therapy is for individuals, families and couples alike.

About Þordís Elva

As a clinical hypnotherapist and certified Havening practicioner, Þórdís Elva can help those who want to reduce stress, improve their mental well-being and process past incidents that cause pain in their daily lives. Þórdís Elva has worked on violence prevention for 15 years and is well versed in the consequences of violence and trauma. Her TED talk, in which she describes her own experience of assault, has received over 6 million views. Þórdís Elva is the author of award-winning books, educational films and plays that have been translated into 20 languages, as well as providing expert advice to the authorities on gender-based violence. As a mother of five children, including twins who survived an extremely risky pregnancy, Þordís Elva is no stranger to the daily grind and stress. She believes that all people experience trauma in their lives and that everyone has the right to heal on their own terms. She also offers remote sessions via Zoom in Icelandic, English or Swedish.

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